You want to be taller, more slender and have broad shoulders? Pick a proper coat and your desirable goal is at your reach. Men’s silhouettes can be categorized into four primary types: inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle and trapezoid. Choosing the accurate model of outerwear and drawing on the optical illusion you can achieve quite extraordinary effects.

1. Inverted, athletic triangle - fitted coat

Triangular shape of the men’s upper body is considered the most desirable. That is why men put in a lot of work in the gym focusing on building mainly chest, shoulders and bicep as well as acquiring the V-shaped taper at the waist.

If you are a man with a muscular body, opt for a coat well-fitted in the chest area with just a slight room in the shoulders. You do not need adding an extra volume in there. Coats with V-shaped neckline are perfect for you - this will accentuate your natural features of robust shoulders and tight waist.

Double-breasted coats represent another good option for you since they can balance your silhouette and add some mass at hips and waist.

You should eschew cropped jackets that reach above the hips in the likes of puffy bomber jackets that make your shoulders look really wide, mainly because you might reminisce grotesque Johnny Bravo...

2. Trapezoid - just go crazy, no holds barred

This type of body is distinguished by a narrow waist, broad shoulders and flat stomach. Men with that body shape can afford to go crazy in terms of fashion choices.

For a textbook trapezoid, practically every type of coat will fit perfectly - it does not matter if it is a short sports track jacket or a chesterfield jacket. In order to highlight your torso, go for the item with padded shoulders.

3. Rectangle - all about the waistline

Rectangle tend to be characterised by lean and fragile men, but it is not a sufficient description. The hips and shoulders ratio, which is exactly 1:1, is key. As the rules stand, in this type of body it is all about a minor broadening of the shoulders with narrowing of the hips at the same time.

One can achieve that effect by picking coats with sewn shoulder pads and highlighted waistline or choosing a casual bomber jacket for the effortless illusion of bigger torso in proportion to the hips.

If you are really lean, nominate double-breasted trench coat with cinched waist. That silhouette is meant for hiding oversize designer clothes underneath. They might add some volume in the shoulders, while concealing a hip line.

You should avoid single-breasted chesterfield jackets or quilted jackets with standing collars or zip-up collars.

4. Triangle - divert attention from the belly

Male triangle is one of the most problematic body types - narrow, slouchy shoulders and plump and buxom torso with wide hips.

If you are a triangle, stay aways from bulky coats at all costs. Do not use unfavourable single-breasted jackets that put your neck out of sight.

Instead, accentuate your proportions and elongate your neckline with V-shaped outerwear. You can also utilize rigid pads at shoulders to rectify your shape while dressed.