There are some women who are relentlessly trying to break aesthetic stereotypes and empower people with a statement saying diversity is our greatest asset. Here are five models who break modern beauty canons and establish new rules of the game. Designers and fashion show audience went crazy about them!

Canon of beauty sets some consolidated norms that are acceptable and even covetable by the considerable part of society. Throughout the ages beauty standards were subject to change yet in the recent years they transformed into an obsession, leading to detrimental behaviors, mainly among women. These five top models illustrate that appearance slightly even different from customary standards is in fact a solid asset.

1. Ashley Graham

One of the biggest problems in modern fashion is a discourse regarding body weight and measurements of models hired by the most influential brands in the industry. The debate of models’ health condition bes been alive for two decades, yet in the recent time it significantly gained in importance. A dozen or so years ago no one ever dared to introduce out of 90-60-90 models into the catwalks.

After all, even those measurements went into oblivion since size 34 became the new 36. Obsessive striving for the ultra skinny silhouette dragged models into serious health problems.  As a truly saviour, the runway was graced with Ashley Graham - a plus size model who was the first model who came to prominence, not despite, but thanks to her notably unstandardized looks. Today Graham is a red-hot figure in the fashion industry, desired by the majority of designers for fashion shows and galas where she is donning exclusively designed costumes. She became a voice of the new generation of models who revolt against strict and rigorous demands and promote vigorous and healthful approach to the female body and its measurements.

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2. Winnie Harlow

Who is an acclaimed model diagnosed by the chronic skin condition, vitiligo? Winnie Harlow can be described as a phenomenon in the contemporary modelling. She is an example of the ephemerality of the beauty canons in case there is someone who has the audacity to go against the tide. What is the best way of fighting against exaggerated challenges about the women’s looks? Apparently, it is accepting of what it seems to be our weakest point and turning it into an asset. That is the way of conduct of ugly models, as people call them. Winnie Harlow accompanied by other top models with distinguishing features are now the most sought-after names in the business.

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3. Gerogia  May Jagger

Further great example of the new beauty canon is Georgia May Jagger, Mike Jagger’s daughter. One can assume she became known purely and simply because of the famous father and his contacts, yet the real reason behind her flourishing career is her unordinary presence, diastema to be more specific - a gap between two upper teeth. Diastema has been already a discomfiting factor of the celebrities for a long time. Madonna was one of the first to turn it into an asset. Georgia May Jagger overshadowed Madonna, though and made ugly models with diastema sexy and longed for by the fashion companies.

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4. Carmen Dell'Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice is an empress of all the models. She owes that position to her exceptional image and her experience. Carmen is the oldest working professional model who is almost… 90!. Impressive age does not stand in the way of signing new deals and caring of her appearance. Carmen was born and raised during the times when style and taste meant for women more than today. She oozes beauty, elegance and she is charismatic. Carmen is a hope for models who are told that after turning 35 they are destined to retire.

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5. Helena Norowicz

Our domestic yard has also something to boast about. Helena Norowicz turned 80, but she is still active in the market as she models for numerous campaigns of Polish clothing and cosmetic brands. An unusual class, feminine strength, self-acceptance, thoughtfulness and magical mastery of Helena Norowicz are proof the age limits are finally non-existent in modelling. 

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