Imagine if fashion was interpreted in the terms of science, elegance should be compared to maths. It is governed by established rules and patterns we ought to succumb to in order to get the right results. Casual style on the other hand can be compared to humanistic subjects in which author’s imagination and creativity define the limit of good taste. Can cufflinks, just like noble Arabic numbers, be used in both science and humanities? Sit comfortably and take notes from the style lessons and make sure men’s cufflinks are no longer the unknown to you.

Get familiar with cuff’s origins

The basis of utilizing this refined men’s jewelry is a proper dress shirt with right cuffs. There are two types of cuffs designed for cufflinks.

First of them is a double cuff, also known as French cuff, and it is employed by formal dress shirts destined for suits and tuxedos.

The other one is a single cuff intended for less formal occasions.

Seeking a solution for implementing cufflinks into the shirt design, manufacturers developed a combined cuff where a single button is accompanied by a cufflink hole.

Regardless of the cuff type, please remember it should always protrude slightly beyond the blazer sleeve while exposing the ornament in an unforced manner.

Should you wear cufflinks exclusively for formal occasions?

Shirts accessorised with cufflinks are most often crafted from ultra elegant fabrics in white or pale blue.

Decorative, classic cufflinks accentuate men’s style during pageantries, routs, weddings and highest-level business meetings. But sensational adornments at cuffs are sometimes frowned upon.

Ingenuity and laid-back approach to cufflinks are mostly demonstrated by British, as their shirt cuffs are emblazoned with jewelry in everyday smart casual and casual outfits.

Three basic principles of cufflinks

Since elegance is ruled by similar principles like those of maths, let us adduce some of them you cannot forget while picking cufflinks with formal outfit.

First of all, shape! Choose regularly shaped cufflinks - rectangular or square items are the best.

Second of all, material! Since cufflinks constitute an element of men’s jewelry, avoid artificial materials and opt for genuine silver, gold or platinum. You can also use gem-encrusted cufflinks, but remember this kind of aesthetic may be too much in case of formal attire, as there is a fine line between splendour and kitsch.

And finally thirdly, appropriate frame. The color of cufflinks should be corresponding with other metalware. Be advised that they should match belt buckle and watch case.

But if your frivolity propels you to wearing cufflinks in casual ensembles - shape, color and their style should depend solely on your personal taste. You can freely go for strawberry, dice, cosmonaut or sinister skull shaped cufflinks.