Men’s blazer need not be always that serious. A casual sports jacket is an essential piece of every man's closet. It goes with tie in less formal business situations but it is also appropriate with a nonchalant, patulous shirt. Here is a couple of practical tips on how to choose a perfect sports blazer.

What is a sports coat?

Let us stress one thing: sports coat does not need be made of jersey! They come in a variety of fabrics including tweed, flannel, linen, corduroy, denim and even suit wool. A casual and a classic blazer - how to differentiate between the two? The former has buttoned flaps of the pockets, unlined construction and less structured shoulders (no pads). Less formal style of the blazer can be described by stitching details, embroideries and mainly vibrant patterns and vivid colors, i.e. green check or eccentric red.

Choose a proper size and cut

Sports coat brings some laid-back attitude for men - you need not obey strict rules of the haute couture. Regrettably, men are prone to making blatant mistakes while picking this garment for their body type.

First things first, though. A right size for the blazer should be selected. Men have a curious penchant of buying too big blazers with excessively wide shoulders - that is why it is worth remembering that the sleeve head should be attuned to the line of your shoulders.

The other worth noting element of the blazer’s construction are vents - a central single back vent is perfect for lean men while paunchy men should seek blazers featuring double rear vent.

The last but not least issue regarding correct choice of the blazer is its type of fastening. There are single and double-breasted models. Slightly overweight gentlemen should eschew the latter ones. If you are concerned of your height deficiency, opt for cropped blazers fastened via single or two buttons maximum - three buttoned closing may optically shorten your silhouette.

What to wear with a sports coat - how to go nuts with fashion?

Sports jackets flawlessly blend into academical preppy style. If you are fond of lightweight, not constricting blazers similar to the varsity attire, you should go for Marc Jacobs or Gucci designs enriched with piping and combine it with timeless chinos. For the enthusiasts of the more professorial taste, a blazer from Etro juxtaposed with cashmere sweater and avant-garde bow tie is exemplary.

Men who are not afraid of fashion ventures should lay their eyes on lavishly-packed with patches Alexander McQueen blazer or Comme des Garçons Homme double-breasted blazer.