If you are planning to take your other half for a wildly romantic date to the mecca of all lovers - Paris, be wary of a cliche. Evening walk by the Eiffel Tower or Sacre Coeur hike can be ruined by the storming crowds of noisy tourists. To ensure the intimate atmosphere of the Parisian evening, think of booking a table in one of the most sentimental restaurants in the capital of France. Are you in quest of inspiration? Take a look at our list!

1. Gallopin

The Gallopin restaurant, operating for over 140 years, boasts a truly royal interior design! Antique chandeliers, baroque sculptures and richly decorated ceilings make a stunning impression. The restaurant, a brewery actually, is famous for its exquisite French cuisine, and it has been long since it enchanted the likes of local financiers, journalists or world renowned movie stars for the first time. The Gallopin invites all who care about the intimate atmosphere during the evening rendez vous.

2. Chez Toinette

An evening walk around Montmartre? The Chez Toinette restaurant that serves traditional French cuisine is an exemplary place for dinner in a peaceful atmosphere. This tiny restaurant, located in an unassuming side street, may not win you over with its appearance at first glance. But as the Little Prince used to say, the most important thing is invisible to the eyes. The atmosphere of the entire restaurant is imbued with a family-like aura with extremely friendly service as well as perfectly prepared dishes. Add a few glasses of good French wine, with the dash of the Parisian magical nights and you will have a perfect date...

3. Allard

Allard is a cozy and homely Parisian bistro, enriched by granny chic wallpaper finishes and red velour sofas that cover almost the entire place. The idyllic atmosphere is spiced up with tasteful, brilliantly cooked dishes, such as foie gras, baked, crispy potatoes in their skins as well as juicy steaks.

4. Au Moulin à Vent

Located in the Latin district of Au Moulin à Vent, it is a delightful eatery with a vintage aesthetic. Established immediately after the war in 1946, the bistro ensures an unforgettable dining experience in a traditional style. French blanquette de veau is one of the ragouts worth recommending.

5. Buvette

Do you fancy trying a modern French avant-garde? Sitting at the Buvette table by the window you will relish the scenes of the casual Parisian life of Rue Henry Monnier. In the menu on the other hand you will find exquisite regional products and wine selections at affordable prices.

6. Epicure

The ersatz of the lavishness and luxury of the Louis XVI court can be experienced in Epicure. Richly emblazoned tables, heavy curtains hanging in vast windows overlooking the garden and sophisticated chandeliers on the ceilings. The restaurant is located in the Bristol Hotel, and its kitchen has been awarded three Michelin stars. Do you need a better recommendation?

7. Lasserre

If your perception of romance includes: starry sky, delicate and tuneful live piano sounds and a sea of white orchids in every corner of the intimate interior of the restaurant, Lasserre is yours supreme dinner place. In the center of the restaurant there is a large glass roof that opens up when the Parisian weather approves. The menu leaves nothing to be desired: excellent seafood, white truffles or delicate crêpe are among numerous enticements for your palate.

8. Lapérouse

Subdued, dim lights, romantic candlelight, dark-colored interiors packed with historic paintings and impeccable tableware - that is Lapérouse and its 17th century vibe. Chef’s menu is a brilliantly put together mixture of modernity and French traditional cuisine, bathed in delectable local wines.

9. Le Grand Véfour

Last but not least! Le Grand Véfour is a place where the atmosphere of the 18th century Paris is still breathing. Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephina, Victor Hugo and André Malraux are among those who ate here. The lavish, neoclassical interior is swarming with red velour sofas, copper trimmings on the walls and glass paintings on the ceilings. Smoke panels in the windows provide an intimate atmosphere while the menu captivates with such treasures as a blue lobster served with orange peel.