Innovatory project

"Aesthetics in the midst of noise" - this is how Vitkac DS was described by the Polish rapper and composer Miuosh. It was he who became the main character of the innovative project, going beyond the framework of a typical fashion shoot. Miuosh x Vitkac combines fashion and art, music and visuals, making the design itself a true... work of art. Cooperation with Miuosh includes both: photo shoot and video. The film soundtrack has been composed by the artist especially for the project, on which work began at the end of May. We wanted each frame to be carefully thought through, to carry a multidimensional message and to accurately express the artistic soul and character of Miuosh. That is why we set the session in an atmosphere referring to the Silesian roots of the artist, his home and family.



Wool blazer

Wool trousers od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Wool trousers

Cotton shirt with logo od Gucci AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Cotton shirt with logo

‘roloff’ sunglasses od Blake Kuwahara PERMANENT COLLECTION

Blake Kuwahara

‘Roloff’ sunglasses

Miuosh and fashion

On a daily basis, Miuosh likes to reach out for the projects of Balenciaga, Vetements and Gucci. He has a great style and original taste, but usually goes for safe and proven solutions. The artist would describe his attitude to fashion as "slightly arrogant" - he does not get attached to things and derives his greatest joy from intangible values, such as family. With the help of our stylists, we managed to get the artist out of his fashion comfort zone, and persuade him to test himself in new versions. As he admits - he felt great in each of them. The looks proposed by our team reflect the musical transformation that Miuosh is going through.

Checked shirt od Balenciaga PERMANENT COLLECTION


Checked shirt

High-waisted trousers od Balenciaga AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


High-waisted trousers

Charm necklace od Dolce & Gabbana PERMANENT COLLECTION

Dolce & Gabbana

Charm necklace

‘runner’ sneakers od Balenciaga PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Runner’ sneakers

The power of scenography

The set design plays a very important role in the project, which has become an equal means of communication with the viewer. The first scene of the film takes place against a pink and orange background, reminiscent of Miuosh's colour of the sky at dusk in his beloved Silesia. A window was built especially for the project, behind which we put a real, live tree. This frame symbolizes home and family.

An element of the scenery is also a huge, suspended cloud - a metaphor for peace and quiet, which are crucial for the artist when creating music. An old piano destroyed with a pickaxe during the session is an expression of Mioush's attitude to composing music tracks - on his own terms and in his own way. He forgets about the whole world when he creates. The pickaxe used by the artist came straight from the Silesian mine and was repainted in a neon yellow colour for the project purposes. The bright colour symbolises modernity and novelty in Miuosh's music. It is an explosive combination of close to the artist's heart traditional Silesia with his contemporary world.


Miuosh and art

We invited a young Polish artist, Robert Kuta, to participate in the project. He created a unique art-work on the wall directly behind Miuosh's back. Miuosh is a huge fan of broadly understood art, from street art represented by Jean-Michel Basquiat, through Bukowski's poetry, to Wright's organic architecture. A special place in his heart holds also the surrealist painter, author of "Man in the Bowler Hat" René Magritte, as well as Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and the master of photography, Helmut Newton. The cooperation Miuosh x Vitkac is complemented by the music presented in the film, which the rapper created especially for the project.


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